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Alexander Historical Auctions LLC Website Terms & Conditions 

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  • Fraud Prevention: If you receive a communication purporting to be from Alexander Historical and are uncertain about its source, please contact [email protected]. Please exercise care, especially if it is regarding payment or a request for personal information.

Intellectual Property Rights All intellectual property rights in this website, and the content published on it, are owned by Alexander Historical Auctions LLC or individual authors.

Alexander Historical Auctions LLC Terms and Conditions of Sale

Conduct This auction is conducted under the laws of the State of Maryland.

License This is a live auction. The auctioneer is licensed and bonded pursuant to the laws of Cecil County, Maryland.

Premium A buyer’s premium of 25% will be added to the final hammer price of each lot purchased directly through Alexander Historical Auctions and a buyer’s premium of 30% will be added to lots sold through any other third-party bidding platform, i.e. Invaluable, Liveauctioneers, etc.

Rejected Bid The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid for any reason. In exceptional cases of clerking errors, third-party bidding platform errors, miscommunication, or other errors beyond the direct control of the auctioneer, the auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw the lot after the hammer has fallen but only before any payment has been accepted.

Withdrawn Lot The Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any lot for any reason at any time.

Winning Bidder In the event of duplicate high bids, the earliest bid received will be the winner.

Reserves Some lots may carry a reserve beneath which the item will not be sold. Any reserve will always be at or below the low estimate. Reserves and maximum bids will not be disclosed.

Signature Authentication All autograph material in this sale is guaranteed genuine for the life of the original purchaser (unless otherwise stated or if contrary to other provisions of these terms). Any autograph item sold that is determined to be not authentic by two independent authenticators acceptable to both parties to the sale may be returned by the original buyer at any time for an immediate refund of the purchase price only. Non-autograph items are guaranteed genuine for a period of twenty-one (21) days of receipt. If determined to be not authentic by two independent dealers or authenticators acceptable to both parties to the sale within the twenty-one (21) day period the item may be returned for a refund of the purchase price only. We do not accept authentications from JSA, PSA/DNA, or BECKETT because they do not examine pieces firsthand and they have very limited experience with historic material. Some lots may be sold in as-is condition and are marked as such in the description. These items are not returnable for any reason.

Return Policy All returned lots must be in the same condition as shipped. All items are in very good condition unless stated otherwise. Items housed in frames have not been examined outside of the frame. Lots that bear defects or damage not visible because of framing may not be returned because of hidden damage. The auctioneer will not be responsible for shipping costs, after-auction appraisal fees, testing, or any other post-auction costs. Under no circumstances will the auctioneer be responsible for lost profits or other financial damages. Any lot containing five or more items is not subject to return for any reason.

Frames Bidders are advised that we are not selling frames or framing glass, and therefore the condition of the frame or the glass shall not be considered reason for return. Shipping costs for framed items may vary greatly depending on the size and/or weight of the frame, and at times these charges may be quite substantial. Customers may request us to remove autographs, artwork, etc. from its frame to reduce shipping charges. We will accommodate customers in that respect for an additional charge of $10.00 per framed item, but such service will be undertaken at our sole discretion. Alexander Historical Auctions will exercise care in removing items from frames, but this is done entirely at the risk of the buyer and the buyer fully indemnifies Alexander Historical Auctions for any and all damage that may occur as a result of any attempt by us to remove the item from a frame, mat, glass, etc.

Illustrations & Photography Illustrations & photography of lots in this catalog and our website may have had size, color, brightness and contrast modifications for display purposes only. Size is not to scale.

Estimated Selling Prices Estimated selling prices are for your guidance only. Actual selling prices may be higher or lower than the estimate indicated.

Legality The placing of a bid legally binds the bidder to purchase the lot at or below the bid placed, plus the buyer’s premium (see Item 3). Bids may not be retracted without our approval: those doing so will be banned from future participation and will be reported to the trade. Please think before you bid! You are legally bound once you do so.

Absentee Bidding All bidding is undertaken in a competitive manner. The winning bid will always be one bidding increment over the second-highest bid. The minimum acceptable bid for any lot is one-half of the low estimate given in the item description. Bidders may call us at 203-276-1570 during office hours, Monday through Friday 9 A.M. – 5 P.M. EST. Live bidding: Bids entered during the course of the sale by bidders on the floor, on the phone, or live on the internet will be taken at the amount bid.

Payment Payment is expected immediately upon, (but not before) receipt of invoice. We accept cash, business and personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, bank transfers (for purchases of $750.00 or more), and credit/debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. All accounts are payable to Alexander Historical Auctions. Payment must be made in U.S. funds. Wire transfer details are available upon request. Please note that lots purchased are subject to sales taxes where applicable unless a resale number is filed with us prior to the auction.

Invoices not paid within thirty days of the date of invoice will incur a 1.5% per month late payment fee.

Paid for Unclaimed Items Property purchased and paid for by successful bidders but remaining unclaimed after 120 days will be deemed abandoned and title will be ceded to Alexander Historical Auctions, LLC.

SHIPPING Bidders should be aware that shipping is provided as a courtesy. Anticipate up to 14-28 business days for us to process and ship your purchases. Items are sent with shipping advice made to purchasers in a timely matter.

Shipping, handling, and insurance charges will be added to the invoice. Shipping to certain countries is costly and will be invoiced according to the dimensions and weight of the order. Please be aware of these terms before bidding.

Note: Certain items such as ammunition, firearms, large frames, fragile, large, heavy, and bulky items may not be shipped by the auctioneer. The client may be required to contact us to arrange for shipment of these pieces.

Shipping Requests Alexander Historical Auctions offers our in-house shipping purely as a service to potential buyers, yet our shipping department handles thousands of different shipments in just a few short weeks after each sale has ended. Please notify us if you require a package expedited or held. Unless the buyer has discussed the need for expedited shipping with us, please allow up to 14 to 28 business days for your items to be shipped. We will not be responsible for shipping and handling delays.

Shipping Liability To ensure our historical items are delivered with the utmost care, all lots will be shipped with Signature Confirmation in place. We will gladly ship our items without Signature Confirmation at the buyer’s request, yet this will be done ENTIRELY at the risk of the buyer and only if the buyer fully indemnifies Alexander Historical Auctions for any and all related issues (delays, stolen packages, lost or misplaced shipments, etc.).


Email Subscription Potential bidders who register for any of our auctions, either directly or through a third-party bidding platform, may be enrolled in our e-mail mailing lists, where they may receive notifications about our upcoming auctions, advertisements for upcoming lots, and other publicity material. Should a bidder wish to remove themselves from our mailing lists, they are free to do so by either clicking ‘unsubscribe’ on our batch emails or contacting our auction house directly.

Placed Bid(s) The placing of a bid shall constitute acceptance of the preceding terms and conditions of sale as well as the Bidding Procedure guidelines posted in this catalog. Please note that by submitting a bid in this auction you agree to all the Terms and Conditions of Sale therein and on any participating website.

FIREARMS  Firearms are only sold and shipped to buyers in the United States, without exception. All firearms so required by law will be shipped from a registered Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder, to a registered FFL. The buyer is responsible for locating an FFL in their locale to receive the firearm(s) and perform any required background checks. The buyer is also responsible for contacting the FFL that has custody of the guns in our locale to pay the necessary transfer fees and shipping and handling costs. The contact information for the shipping FFL will be provided in the successful buyer’s invoice. The transfer fees for our FFL are $55 per firearm plus shipping costs from the FFL location in Maryland. If you’ve purchased multiple items from us and are charged a shipping fee, that fee is only for the items shipped from our auction house, the FFL will charge an additional shipping fee for shipping the firearm. These fees, and any fees levied by the receiving FFL in the buyer’s locale, are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

ABBREVIATIONS Alexander Historical Auctions LLC utilizes the following abbreviations in lot descriptions. It is the buyer’s responsibility to read and understand these abbreviations.

  • A.L.S. – “Autograph Letter Signed” Letter completely in the hand of and signed by the noted individual. These letters always have a salutation, ie: “Dear Fred”, “Sir”).
  • A.N.S. – “Autograph Note Signed” A very short A.L.S., perhaps only a single line.
  • T.L.S. – “Typed Letter, Signed” Body of letter is typed.
  • Manuscript L.S. or D.S. – Body of the letter or document is in another hand, but piece is signed by the person of interest.
  • D.S. – “Document, Signed” Could be a printed document, a check, etc. Signature is hand-signed.
  • A.Ms.S. – “Autograph Manuscript Signed” Usually a lengthier text, no salutation, handwritten and signed by the noted individual. Ex.: a signed legal brief, a war reminiscence, etc.
  • A.Q.S. -“Autograph Quote, Signed” A quote of any type handwritten and signed by the noted individual.
  • A.M.Q.S. – “Autograph Musical Quote, Signed” One or more bars of music, with or without lyrics, handwritten and signed by the noted individual.
  • A.L., A.M.Q., A.Ms., A.N., A.Q. are all handwritten by the note individual, but NOT signed.