Frequently Asked Questions


  1. There are abbreviations and I don't know what they mean.
    1. We use the following abbreviations in lot descriptions. It is the buyer’s responsibility to read and understand these abbreviations.A.L.S. – “Autograph Letter Signed” Letter completely in the hand of and signed by the noted individual. These letters always have a salutation, ie: “Dear Fred”, “Sir”).A.N.S. – “Autograph Note Signed” A very short A.L.S., perhaps only a single line.S.P. – “Signed Photograph”I.S.P. – “Inscribed Signed Photograph” A signed photograph bearing an additional inscription, potentially a dedication, military rank, etc.T.L.S. – “Typed Letter, Signed” Body of letter is typed.Manuscript L.S. or D.S. – Body of the letter or document is in another hand, but piece is signed by the person of interest.

      D.S. – “Document, Signed” Could be a printed document, a check, etc. Signature is hand-signed.

      A.Ms.S. – “Autograph Manuscript Signed” Usually a lengthier text, no salutation, handwritten and signed by the noted individual. Ex.: a signed legal brief, a war reminiscence, etc.

      A.Q.S. -“Autograph Quote, Signed” A quote of any type handwritten and signed by the noted individual.

      A.M.Q.S. – “Autograph Musical Quote, Signed” One or more bars of music, with or without lyrics, handwritten and signed by the noted individual.

      A.L., A.M.Q., A.Ms., A.N., A.Q. are all handwritten by the note individual, but NOT signed.



  2. I can't seem to get ahold of anyone when I call about consigning my items?
    1. The quickest way to get an answer back about an item is to email us at [email protected]. We appreciate your patience with our small business.
  3. I haven't received an invoice yet about my item(s) shipping.
    1. We are a small business, but we work hard to make sure everything is shipped correctly and carefully. It may take 3-4 weeks after payment for an item to ship. We appreciate your patience.
  4. I have a serious concern and need to speak with someone.
    1. We take concerns very seriously. Please email our office administrator, Meghan, at [email protected]. for a resolution.
  5. Are there any restrictions when sending items to your business for auction?
    1. Please do not:
      1. Send items in binders.
      2. Place photos on colorful paper (arts & crafts).
      3. Glue photos (they will rip the backing which may hurt the quality of the item.
      4. Send frames that are not original to the time. (Check our conditions on frames). If you can take your item out of the frame, then we recommend you do that.
  6. I need to get a hold of someone specific:
    1. Bill Panagopolous (Owner & President)
      1. - [email protected]
    2. Meghan Wentzell (Office Administrator)
      1. [email protected]
      2. ext. 105
    3. Tammy Pearce (Director of Shipping & Quality Control)
      1. [email protected]
      2. ext. 103
    4. Mike Stellone (Administration & Consignment)
      1. [email protected]
      2. ext. 106