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(1900 - 1945?) Head of the Nazi Party Chancellery and private secretary to Adolf Hitler, by the end of World War II Bormann had become second only to Hitler himself in terms of real political power. Fine content and association T.L.S. on "Stellvertreter des Fuhrers" letterhead, 1p. large 4to., Munich, Apr. 30, 1935 to his father-in-law, WALTER BUCH (1883-1949), German judge and war criminal, the supreme Party magistrate who "legalized" the persecution of the Jews. Bormann writes: "...Re: [Manfred Freiheer von] Killinger[Walter]Krueger I am sending you a letter from SS Obergruppenfuhrer Krueger for your information...[He] told me that he has not uttered this alleged remark. For this reason and because the trial procedure would mean bringing up the corruption of 1934, the Deputy to the Fuhrer [Rudolf Hess] also believes that it could mean possible legal proceedings against the Party...". WALTER KRUEGER founded the SS Germania Division, later commanded the feared Das Reich division, and committed suicide at war's end. The "corruption of 1934" referred to above is a reference to the "Night of the Long Knives", in which Hitler did away with SA leader Ernst Rohm and other leaders of the Brownshirts. Killinger had been purged in that "cleansing" of Hitler's ranks, and here Bormann feared that Krueger's instigation could lead to an embarrassing court action by Killinger. Killinger was later redeemed, but he too would commit suicide near the end of the war.

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