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(b. 1946) Forty-third President of the United States who won his office after a hotly-contested election. Extremely rare A.D.S. "George Bush" as Presidential candidate, 2pp. 4to., [n.p., nd., c. 2000], likely to be used for reproduction purposes with the intent of raising campaign donations. "After eight years of Clinton/Gore, this fall Americans will ratify the status quo or vote for a fresh start…Your support is vital to help me spread my compassionate conservative message of reform and renewal… For eight years, the Clinton/Gore [sic] has had history's greatest opportunity to reform Social Security. They chose to demagogue the problem, not repair it. As President, I will reach across party lines to strengthen and save Social Security. For eight years, Clinton/Gore multiplied our military's missions, while cutting its capabilities. I will rebuild our military. For 8 years, Clinton/Gore spoke of education as brick, mortar and bureaucratic mandates. My real problem is politicians who never stop talking, and children who never start reading. I will rescue children from failure. After eight years of Clinton/Gore, we have the highest tax burden since World War II. I want to cut taxes for everyone who pays taxes. American [sic] wants a leader who put behind us a daily attacks, constant polls, partizanship [sic], and gridlock. I am ready to change Washington and restore and honor and dignity to the White House…" Two letters in last name only the slightest bit blurred (and mentioned here only for accuracy), else very fine condition. The 2000 election was the closest in American history and essentially hinged on the issue of Florida and that state's notorious "hanging chads". Both campaigns concentrated on the issues of Social Security and military preparedness, especially following the debacle of American involvement in Somalia, but Bill Clinton's White House "extra-presidential" activities cast a pall over Gore's candidacy. Gore countered with a passionate kiss for his wife during the Democratic Convention, but as evident in this letter, Bush wanted to make sure that only he could: "restore honor and dignity to the White House".

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