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(b.1934) Drifter whose "family" committed the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders in 1969. So far has eluded the gas chamber. A tremendous archive of 20 A.L.S.s (most accomplished in pencil), 100pp. approx., many with original signed transmittal envelopes together with three pieces of original art including a macramé mask, an ink drawing and a piece of photo collage. The letters were all written to Nikolas Schreck who produced and directed the 1989 documentary, Charles Manson, Superstar. The correspondence dates between 1986 and 1989 but the letters are mostly undated (we have determined the range from a few retained envelopes) and reads, in very small part: "N.S. that world ended- they covered it up & didn't tell a lot of people because the last chance is only 4 a few - I don't need to be outside to see it I seen it falling apart 20 years ago & some one els[e] seen it 20 years befor [sic] that & so an the wheels of Circles & circles of time, its a play on the backs of the children again - 1900 - the wheels just got big[g]er - SOS same old Same old trys [sic] on some levels new is trying but old wart give it up & many slaves got it LOCKED DOWN to this last drink of clean water - not to even think about AIL. We started a new world - Alikens from Pice[?] is where ever your standing & aliken[?] on the rocks & the tundra in the LIFE we must Redeed [sic] same & make sure Pollution & heat from air full is destroying all the air water trees & animals - A.T.W.A. was what we tried to bring in to reality - but the unreal has all the many & the many don't want to die & let humans live. some thing in the WWII people vs money - people with the money want change - they want to sing & dance & tell you lies in the news as the tress are going fast & the earth dies more each day - no one will face this truth - Hitler tryed [sic] & we see what happens to that try - order is the only chance & thats LIKE 5000000000 to one from where I'm looking not much chance - I wasted 20 years of my life trying... 1943 I went inside the hallways of always shaded in endless [?] of cages - 1967 I got back on the ground - 24 years of madness - I got out an excape's [sic] - but for the most part in the underworld of Shadows - 1954 I got out for about 8 months & in 1958 a few more months - I learnt everything inside out & upside down - at the bottom there is nothing as no one to Judge. Just owls over reflections not easy to see behold ones even thought patterns prgram[m]ed in the child's mind before me become awair [s] of what was real they got our heads full of junk - From the age of 9 untill [sic] 1969 - 26 years in the LA County jail for 9 murders aug 9 - cell 13 on Dec 243th the MS parole officer came to the jail at 12 at night - I was due to be releced [sic] from M.S. P.O. my relece date was Dec 25. 1969 with one day left he came & vilated [sic] me [inserts drwing of smiley face] - The spirit of Christmis [sic] - A cell block 5 stores [sic] high 2 blocks along 4 side swith 6, 10 men cells is 1200 men 3 of them in 3600 men = one year is 3600 years of sprit, dreams & thought - 26 years of that is say 3000 years a year for 26 years in (no time) the darnkess [sic] of that puts out a lot of Suns[?] - Manson's shadows run fast & circles everything - Mexico City in 1969 I was learning the bulls with 2 bullfighters who had just got back from Spain as when an excape [sic] from U.S. prisons I did a thing with the Indians & the mushrooms - so the spirit of the outlaw nurse & the 1000's of years of darkness... " The same letter features a passage that was later published in Adam Parfrey's Apocalypse Culture (2nd ed. 1990): "One day a wolf's head comes up from the bush & I looked at him in the eye -- strange, he thought, why? About 10 to 15 minutes later other humans come & he hides in his den & they passed by & were gone. Two weeks pass & the wolf's head showed up again, looked him in the eye & was gone -- he knew then-- the wolf knew he was hiding from the same humans that they hide from & a little bond came between the wolf and the human. A new kind of respect for the wolf came to the man. The wolf is smarter than human fools could dream of. They are people too... I'm sick of people using me one say & I git no slack back.... Do you think I believe anything you say -HA HA - your [sic] a braind picker - there is a hole [sic] circle of hebs [sic] playing S.S. From Boston to Boyd...Let us be richaus [sic] as real deals on wheels that roll through the universe - Huff & puff are so mean & down right Evil that only me & the dead know- he disted [sic] the Ice pic & run the dust off may hat with one look 0- then winked his eye & all the leaves feel [sic] of[f] the trees & the grass brwoned [sic] & died under his feet - almost made him mad once but I told him that the Henry Rollins of Black Flag SST Recording Co had some tapes & at night he could git records pressted [sic] for 5¢ on the dollar & mail order gits [sic] back 95% clear prophit [sic] - in 1970 I did that & sould [sic] 600 Thousand records at 5 fucks a peace [sic] - now the albums sell from 50 buck up if you can find one & it was pure trash done on a [$]19.95 tape recorder... W. the only thing I know is What you Know - To make a movie don't do it in real - where does the play become real - To put a reality back on the Earth is NOT Easy... My grandad WWI said he was standing on a German in the battle field & he didn't kill him because he thought will chill I'm german myself - in 1948 I worked in a shoe shop & the German shoe maker taught me to make soles & one of his hands was blown off when ask about WWII he said yes I got 3 fingers blown off but I still got a thumb & part of my little fingers - right up the place Ma barker's place where we died in a shoot out - Lives a guy who was a nucker pysest [sic] named Myers - He's dauther [sic] gave me the place & it had a lot of hoes & shovels we enacted the slave laws back when Abraham Lincon [sic] lost to the south...The DA bug made it up for a WIN for the money - not the richous [sic] at right but justice proffit [sic] dump it off on the next wave of you - you the next wave of kids - Because he say so dont make it right but was long as I am in this cage this money will work to make it right. - He had me coming from where I was going...How deep in the mind motion do you want to go - The kind of music I play is not entertainment - It's nothing that would be markit [sic] to fat grils [sic]... I don't ever lissen [sic] to Radios or T.V's because 94% of it is Bullshit - I dont like filling my head with a ton of garbage to git a little LIKE the Hearts in space space music on KBFK once a week I'm not in to fat girl music... the Government hold divorce for the woman to protect her fears - Like law keeps me from taking my woman back - She ran off with some Guy from Tenn - Gave him my Guitar...Son that what you call Constitution hasn't been working for years - On paper it looks nice but bring G. Mason, J. Madison B. Franklin back from the grave for a ride in a 747 & show them a City with 10 million people & they would go mad...Ok here we go- you see a pathetic old broken man in a cell playing with string pup[p]ets, unscho[o]ld & pittifull [sic]... 18 years seting on the floor with no toys... ". The last letter in the collection contains a song (with instructions in the margin "Chant back ground") that deserves quotation: "Zeros in me / He rose in me / the race in me/ mine o's in me / Hobos in me / You Knows in me / You close in me / The flows in me / who goes in me / Bembos [sic][ in me / FLEAS & ANTS / HOBOS & TRAMPS / bring me some pants --" In the "4 ground" one is supposed to sing: "Walking Hawk where the turdel [sic] suns his shell then make a sound like a Crow HAA HAA Crow bad Crow god HA HA HA Walking hawks Eats the heart beet [sic]" Overall condition fine with expected folds. A superb collection worthy of a good long evening read.

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