EVA BRAUN (1912 - 1945) German mistress and later wife of Nazi fuhrer Adolf Hitler, she later committed suicide with him in the basement of the Chancellery. Rare A.L.S. 'Eva' in German on the verso of a scenic photo postcard, 1p. 8vo., Capri, Italy, 1933, written to her sister Ilse Hochstetter while on vacation in Italy. In full: 'The weather is very bad here, it is driving me crazy. I was in bed sick for 3 days while in Rome, therefore, I didn't see anything. I haven't seen any silver foxes anywhere. Everything is just as expensive as it is in Germany. We are paying as much for bed and breakfast as we did on the Zugspitze. I have bought you a very nice bathing suit. Many greetings, Eva.' Braun signs at the conclusion in black ink. The card is also signed at the conclusion by GRETL BRAUN (1915-1987), Eva Braun's sister and wife of the ill-fated SS-Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein, signing 'Gretl' in pencil and adding the Italian salutation: 'Ecco Salute!' ('Here's to your health!'). Finally, the card is signed in full by DR. THEODOR MORELL (1886-1948), Hitler's personal physician from 1937 to 1945 and who prescribed strychnine, pervitin, cocaine, and a variety of dubious drugs, who signs at the conclusion in black ink. Fine condition, bearing a Capri hand cancel, with a faded date. The Brauns and Morells joined Hitler on his 1938 trip to Rome, where he had met with Mussolini. Hitler did not want it known publicly that he had a lover, so Eva was conveniently dispatched to the beautiful island to enjoy herself with her sister while Hitler attended to state business.

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