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An extraordinary grouping of letters and documents concerning the death of First Lt. Charles R. Pomeroy, 24 years old, killed in action on August 13, 1864 during the siege of Atlanta. Five pieces are present in the grouping, including what is possibly Pomeroy's last letter home and a note he left behind with his final requests. The 4pp. 8vo. letter is written on U.S. Christian Commission letterhead in light but legible pencil to his sister on Aug. 11, 1864. Ironic content reads, in part: '…What would you think if you would see Yanks & Johnnies mixed up all in front of the Skirmish Pits talking to each other as if they were always good friends, trading canteens, knapsacks, etc. with each other? Well, if you were here you would have seen it. Yes, I & almost all the Regt. Were out in front talking with them…Early this morning the Rebs called us & said they would not shoot if we would not, so it was & we went out 1/2 way & had a good talk with them. It lasted for over 4 hours and we told each other we were going to shooting and all went onto our pits and now the Battle is going on as ever. I hope that we will have another chance…we are in a large open field…about 500 ft. from the Rebs' lines…Our Maj. Was wounded rather badly…If I stay 6 months more, I stand the chance of being Capt…three long years since I first entered the Army…I will move soon, I Think, but I don't know where…'. A copy of a newspaper notice indicates that Pomeroy wrote another letter, 'his last letter', the same day and claimed that 'the Rebel balls don't hit me…'. WITH: an A.L.S. of Capt. JOSEPH HINSON, 33rd Ohio Infantry, 4pp. 4to., 'Near Atlanta, Ga.', Aug. 15, 1864 to 'C. R. Pomeroy', father of the deceased Lieutenant Pomeroy. He writes, in part: '…I have the honor to forward to you an Inventory of the effects of your son…I hope to be able to start them to your address tomorrow, though as yet there is nothing certain…Please accept the sympathy of both officers and men of the Regt. Who also feel that while you have suffered deeply in the loss of a son, the service has lost one of its best and bravest officers, and we have lost an esteemed friend. For my own part, I know of none whose loss I should feel more deeply…" He adds a postscript: 'A request found in his memorandum book is also enclosed…' That final request is pinned to the bottom of Hinson's letter. It reads: 'May 31, 1864. If anything happens [to] me, it is my wish that the Adj. will take charge of my things. Bundle old letters & photos in my trunk & desk which will be found outside of my album, and please send my trunk, etc. home. By doing so, he will confer a last request of C. R. Pomeroy Jr.' WITH: a letter from Surgeon Benjamin F. Miller of the 2nd Ohio Infantry, 4pp. 8vo., Cincinnati, Dec. 10, 1864 to Miss S. W. Pomeroy, likely the same sister offering details on the death of Lt. Pomeroy. In part: '…I am the person that gave Surgeon S. P. Bonner that sad intelligence…I served in the same Brigade along with the lieutenant. After the battle of Stones River, our acquaintance began…Many times had he repeated to me his experience while a prisoner in the hands of the enemy…he endured all of this only to return to meet death…The skirmish line was ordered to advance so as to afford an opportunity to a certain part of the Rebel lines to desert…The advance was made and the work accomplished. The death dealing messengers were sent rapidly into our ranks from a battery that infiltrated our lines, and it became necessary to throw up a defense against this fire…a shell from one of the Rebel guns struck a chimney close by and exploded, sending fragments in all directions, one of which struck the lieutenant, producing death at once…he left a worthy record of brave deeds…I know he was carefully buried so as to render it easily identified at any time…to transfer his remains to a desired destined place…'. WITH: an A.L.S. on Cincinnati Christian Commission letterhead, 1p. 8vo., Oct. 11, 1864 to Miss Pomeroy thanking her for her donation and 'beautiful and touching letter, which has brought tears to all our eyes…worth more than five times five dollars…" with a newspaper clipping quoting her letter WITH: a handwritten Biblical citation dedicated to Pomeroy, accompanied by an engraving: 'The Dying Soldier'. Several period clippings concerning his career and death accompany the lot. Five pieces.

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