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Internet Registration
At the end of this section is a link to register for ABSENTEE BIDDING on Alexander Historical Auctions auction site.

Absentee bidding enables you leave you to lease a maximum bid on any number of lots. Your maximum bid is strictly confidential. Only the highest bid necessary will be used.

Our website is updated as often as feasibly possible, but may on occasion take time to reflect the last high bid.

Most auction houses close absentee bidding before the commencement of a given sale; Alexander remains open throughout the sale, however bids on the day of the sale will be accepted on 'best-efforts-basis' only. This means that bids left on the day of the sale or not guaranteed to be accepted or executed.

Customers should be aware that prices posted on our web site are for informational purposes only; official results will not be posted until after the auction. No customer should ever presume that they are the highest bidder based on any posted price. When in doubt, they should contact customer service via phone at 203-276-1570 or email sales@alexautographs.com

While all accepted Internet orders receive email confirmation, we currently do not email 'outbid' notices! Please check the website regularly.
At the end of this section is a link to register for LIVE INTERNET BIDDING through Invaluable.com [formerly known as Artfact]. This site carries a 5% premium over the absentee bidding site, and allows you to bid live as the lots are put up for sale.

As with absentee bidding, it is important to bid in "proper increment" and while we take great effort to ensure that all bids are accepted in proper increment, it is ultimately the customer's responsibility.

For good order, please note the table below and call us at 203-276-1570 before the auction if you have any questions.

Bidding Increments
(for both forms of bidding)
Current Bidding Price Correct Increment
$20-100 $10
$100-500 $20
$500-1000 $50
$1,000-2,000 $100
$2,000-5,000 $250
$5,000-10,000 $500
$10,000+ $1,000
(or at auctioneer's discretion)
The fee for absentee bidding through this platform is 23% The fee for absentee bidding through this platform is 28%
These few paragraphs are only a brief description to help you differentiate between the two different bidding platforms available over the Internet...all customers are encouraged to read our terms and conditions prior to placing bids.
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